Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Joel's medical condition

Update today, Sep 10, 2008 am
We heard from one of the Jefferson Hospital neurosurgeons this morning. Our first appointment with them is Monday, September 22.

On August 12, I (Joel) began to experience headaches and had a couple of incidents where I lost my way while out driving. We began working with our family physician to find out a cause. On September 4, from a cat scan, it was discovered that I have a 2 inch mass (undetermined at this point) pressing on the right side of my brain in an area that effects memory of certain areas. Currently I am out of the driving business so my wonderful wife and others are providing transportation. I continue to provide leadership and preach at Southwood Baptist and also continue to teach mathematics at Gloucester County College.

We are currently waiting to hear from the neurological surgery center at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia to begin the process of determining the right course of action. Until we know more, all we know from the cat scan is that it is a mass. It is yet to be determined what kind of mass it is. That may require a biopsy after surgical removal.

Our family, church family, and friends have been overwhelmingly supportive. We are grateful to a great God who hold us in His good hands.


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