Monday, October 27, 2008

Medical info

For those of you wanting more information on the medical route that we are taking, here is a video lecture by Dr. Jeanne Wallace who specializes in treating brain tumors nutritionally. She gave the lecture at a conference in Edison, NJ as detailed below.

Nutritional and Herbal Strategies to Complement Conventional Brain Tumor Treatments by Jeanne Wallace, PhD, CNC Presented at the "Diagnosis Brain Tumor: You Are Not Alone" conference, Oct 15,2005 JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ Sponsored by: Central NJ Brain Tumor Support Group Monmouth & Ocean County Brain Tumor Support Group The Brain Tumor Society The Musella Foundation This presentation - and the rest of the lectures from this conference, are available on DVD - go to for details.

You can access the video here to listen and watch online or you can also download the video to your iPod in mp4 format at the same site. Dr. Wallace has made the slides for this presentation available at her web site, Nutritional Solutions. A pdf copy is available under, "
NJBT Presentation."

We just received an updated version of Dr. Richard Beliveau's book, entitled, Foods to Fight Cancer; Essential foods to help prevent cancer. Available from Amazon here.

We are also working with a local physician for to provide some additional immune boosting and cancer fighting resources. Dr. Alan Magaziner worked with some of my pollen and other related allergies a number of years ago. Magaziner Center for Wellness.

Another great day!

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