Monday, December 01, 2008

Another good day

Sunday (yesterday) was a good day. It was great to be in church with my church family and to just sit in the congregation as an observer/participant. Being back in contact with the Southwood folks was good therapy. I am hoping to get into the office for a few hours for a few days each week. I will test the waters carefully. I think my cold/respiratory infection is just about done. I did crash yesterday afternoon and sleep from about 2pm to 4:30 pm. I believe I am still on schedule to return to the pulpit on December 14. Some great news along with that date is that my sister is coming to be here. That is great news.

Memorizing some Scripture this morning along with battling some thoughts that I wish I didn't have, reminded me that I need to stay on top of taking every thought captive. I have worked to develop these thoughts showing up so, in a similar way, work to cultivate a mind set that is consistent with the new life which God has placed within me.

Today is also my follow-up MRI. I will get the results on Wednesday.


Dad & Mom said...

Hi Joel and Dottie,
Just received word that your tumor is growing again. Know it must be discouraging. . .the journey continues and so do our prayers on your behalf.

Tom is also on the same journey. . .his cancer has returned and he is now on hormone therapy as of this past Monday.

Nothing like friends sharing in similar circumstances as we walk on this side of glory. Couldn't think of any better company.

Love you both.

MacDonald Family said...

Dad &amp: Mom
Could you add a comment to identify yourself so we can make contact

Dad & Mom said...

Hi Joel & Dottie,
It's Barb & Tom. . .remember us! Realized that we had used our family blog signature. Sorry! We're praying.
Love you