Wednesday, January 07, 2009

O You of Little Faith

For three days we have been trying to confirm with the doctor’s office our rescheduled appointment for, hopefully, Jan 14. For two days we have been trying to get word from our doctor’s office that they have contacted our medical coverage regarding the medical justification for a MRS. Don’t they know what I am dealing with. What do you do when people are not responding and moving as fast as you would like them to. Is the outcome of my life dependent upon their faithfulness or unfaithfulness? Does God know what is going on? Can He move them? When humanity fails who else can reassure us that life is still being managed well and that I am still in the hands of someone both great and good?

Jesus tags on a little phrase at the end of comparing how much greater we are than the lilies of the field. God takes great care of them. So by comparison from the lesser to the greater shouldn’t we trust that He will likewise take care of us? If I doubt, then I am a man of “little faith.” Little faith equtes to my belief in a “little God.” Or, my belief in an inadequate God. This is easy to do for those of us who are of the belief that life is directed, managed, and determined primarily by the decisions and efforts that flow from us. Doctor’s decisions and schedules must be beyond the reach of God and the resulting outcomes escape God’s notice. O you of little faith!

This phrase actually shows up in another occasion in Jesus’ interaction with His disciples. The disciples had experienced Jesus’ healing touch and words of authority. By His touch and by His word, leprosy was cured, a man paralyzed could walk. a centurion’s servant was restored from paralysis, the demonized were delivered. Is this not sufficient proof of His sovereignty over creation? Apparently not, because while out on the Sea of Galilee, a severe storm brought great doubt to their belief in Jesus’ capability. In a short amount of time, I assume they lost sight of His ability or maybe they assumed He has lost it. Instead, He did not change. He never does change. And so, the storm was immediately stilled.

He replied, "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?" Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. (Matthew 8:26)

Great faith means we have set our focus on a great God who can do whatever He chooses. Our challenge is patiently waitin ... and tusting ... until we see what He chooses. The waiting will be much more a time of peace if we have confidence in the greatness and goodness of God. Great God = great faith. A good equation to fo calculate trust and peace. Faith is focused trust in God regardless of my feelings or circumstances.


amy baxindine hill said...

i just wanted to say thank you for keeping everyone updated with this blog. i'm praying for you pastor joel...

also, if you haven't read through it already, you and/or mrs. macdonald might enjoy beth moore's study, Believing God. it has some great lessons on faith. this blog made me think of some of the things beth talks about in the study.

MacDonald Family said...

Thanks for your feedback and the contact. Great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you.
Pastor Joel