Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not missing

Tagged again! I got caught again not updating this blog regularly, whatever regular is. So here is my excuse, as if I needed one. Our good friends the Zimmermans, from Oregon flew in last Thursday to surprise Dottie and give her a break. There is a word for friends like this ... priceless. We have 36 years of history together through thick and thin. They epitomize true friends.

Our daughter Kristin and grandaughter Ranae flew in on Tuesday the day after the Zimmermans left. We are currently enjoying family and grandkids. It is great therapy and a wonderful time.

I continue to get better each day and hope to return to the pulpit and reconnect with my church family early in March if everything continues to go well. We continue to consult, research, and stay diligent on our course of health to see if we can fend off regrowth of cancer. It is a challenge but one in which God gives sufficient strength. We are grateful for your invaluable prayers.

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