Monday, April 20, 2009


This morning is the first day since surgery that I am feeling like I am beginning to turn the corner on recovering from surgery. It did help to remember on Saturday that I just had surgery on the previous Tuesday. And even more good news that my weight is up from 131# to about 148#. Dottie has been doing a great job of combing some nutritional meals and packing them with good calories. I can't say enough for her enduring strength and companionship through this last week. We will miss having Kristin and Ranae here when they fly back home today. She has been a huge encouragement both to us and Aaron and Kara. This week is a follow-up visit to my neurosurgeon and continuing to lay the groundwork for determining appropriate follow-up treatment. I will be continuing with my vitamin C infusions. One of my constant spiritual lessons has come from my read through the Bible in Exodus this week. I realized that Moses is nothing like Charleston Heston. He is more like me. God says He is going to get His job done in His way and His time and Moses doubts, debates, and complains. If God says He is going to take care of us, let Him and trust Him. So it has been a good week of allowing Him to take thoughts captive by having a quick phrase ready to intercept wayward thoughts ("Don't go there!") Check out Philippians 4:6-8.

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