Wednesday, August 12, 2009

House sold?

We have an offer to purchase our house. We also received another offer last night, that is potentially, a better offer. Let the bidding wars begin!!! Pray for us as we negotiate this process. God is still our ultimate realtor. The house went on the market Saturday am and we had our first offer Sunday evening. Thank you all for praying. Although as they say, the deal isn’t done until the money is in the bank. We continued to have two more walk throughs yesterday and will continue as long is the house can still be sold. Continue to pray
I cam continuing to feel strong and vibrant. I continue to do my twice-a-week vitamin C infusion of 100,000mg each. I am also taking meds for seizure, swelling (decadron) and a med for the cytomgalovirus level in my body. The CMV virus has been found by Dr. Charles Cobb [link to article]to have a link to my type of brain tumor

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