Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Imaging, New Business, New Consolidation New Imaging

New Imaging
We are still exploring getting some kind of new image since the August 20 MRI did not give us a clear indication of the effect of chemo and radiation on the tumor. We are exploring with Jefferson and our insurance a MRS, profusion MRI, or a PET scan. Joel’s health has been good. We are still trying to adjust the decadron (steriod) dosage and are now exploring a technique called cold laser therapy with a doctor who has seen quite a bit of success with his wife’s tumor.

New Business. To help meet our income needs and to help others with health needs, Dottie has signed up to be a representative with JuicePlus. JuicePlus provides whole food based nutrition. Please check out Dottie’s business web site We are impressed with the integrity of the company and their quality product for both adults and children.
and contact her if you need further information.
Joel is currently teaching two math classes at Gloucester County College, College Math and a course in Algebra and Trigonometry. These classes will run from September until December.
New Consolidation. The house sale is still in process but we are going ahead with boxing, condensing, consolidating thirty-six years of accumulation in two homes to be able to live in a two-bedroom apartment. We will probably try to move into Southwood’s missionary apartment a week before closing, which we still hope will be October 16.

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