Thursday, October 08, 2009

ER Visit

Ispent yesterday afternoon and early evening in Underwood Hospital’s Emergency Room. We had travelled to the Atlantic City area for an appointment with my clinical nutritionist. As I walked from the car and tried to go up the steps into her building, my legs collapsed and I had to be assisted into her building and into her office. As she did live blood cell analysis she could clearly see the oxidative damage to my blood that is probably primarily the result of my recent round of chemotherapy. It was her recommendation that we go to the ER so we could get immediate blood test results on my electrolyte level and then get an immediate transfusion of electrolytes if necessary. My legs gave away again as I was being assisted to our car.

We made it successfully to the ER where I was met by one of my favorite ER nurses, Joanne Ponto and my favorite orderly, my son, Brian. I did get a transfusion and was able to come home in good shape. I have had the weak leg symptom also here at home, usually when trying to navigate from the lower floor, up the steps to an upper floor.

Today is a free day from any medical appointment, so we hope to make good progress on our packing for the POD or the missionary apartment. Pray for us on the apartment since there is a long set of steps to enter for the apartment.

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Stephanie said...

You are in our prayers!