Monday, October 12, 2009

Relocation to apartment

Relocation to the church missionary apartment is this week. We plan to start moving some stuff today and make all the final move by Tuesday, Oct 13. We will relocate our Verizon number so our home number will still be the same for all who still want to reach us. This week continues sorting, boxing and deciding what goes to the apartment and what goes in the POD. The POD pick up and storage is planned for Thurs., Oct 15.

I also have my MRI scheduled for Tues., and a follow-up meeting with my oncologist, Dr. Jon Glass at Jefferson to discuss the results of the MRI on Thursday.

We got some good news from another brain tumor patient on Monday who has my same tumor and is about my same age. His MRI came back clear recently. We continue to trust God for His sovereign oversight on this whole process. There is no reason not to trust Him.

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