Sunday, November 29, 2009

Backing up Brian

I had the wondereful privilege of sitting in a pew at Southwood and enjoying our son, Brian preach this am. He was wonderful. Since I have on occasion followed up on Mark Crocco’s preaching, I thought I would do the same for Brian and reinforce his message. You should eventually be able to catch the audio posted on Southwood’s web site under current messages.

It was good to be able to walk on my own strength across the parking lot. Dottie and I also basked in the sunshine this afternoon to absorb some vitamin D. God is good! Why shouldn’t we trust Him?

Brian’s main focus was on do we really believe God and trust Him. I can say that there have been many occasions over this last year when I have asked God, “Couldn’t we have done this another way.” I believe His answer has been consistent, “Just trust Me.”

If you are a Southwood blog reader, what do you plan to do with what Brian communicated this am? At least, have you kept a copy of the bulletin, where hopefully you jotted some notes and some personal applications. Let me reiterate Brian’s challenges to us:
1. Look back at both God’s faithfulness in the Bible and in your own life as reinforcement for why we can trust Him.
2. Know that we serve a living God who is powerful!
3. Don’t be afraid to risk and trust. If you do trust, then take action.

Brian used Saul in the Old Testament as someone who trusted in himself rather than God. Check out 1 Samuel 15.
I don’t believe Saul acted this way overnight but cultivated this attitude. He probably could say publically that he believed that God was the God of Israel, but inside was saying that when push comes to shove, it is Saul that I will trust. Developing a trust in God takes repeated exercise. This is your week of exercise. How does God want you to trust Him? Take to heart my repeated definition of FAITH

Faith is my choice to make God’s revealed Word my truth and reality in spite of my feelings, circumstances or the attempt of my culture to impose its values upon me.

Have a great week trusting God!

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