Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dad's Secretary Reporting In

It's once again my (Kristin) turn to post on the blog for Dad. He has had a rough few days so the strength to sit at a computer just hasn't been there.

Dad has been very tired with headaches off and on. He has reoccurring nausea that makes it hard to keep any food down and the energy to eat and drink just isn't there either. His legs have been weak and have given out on him a few times. He has had to use the assistance of a wheel chair just for the security of not falling. Dad said that today has been a better day, though. The headache intensity has gone down a bit. He has a medical appointment on Friday to try and get an update on what is going on with his physical condition.

Dad would appreciate prayer for Brian and his wife Jen. Jen's dad went to heaven last night and was relieved of his battle with cancer. It is a loss for Brian and Jen for sure but a loss for Dad as well. Dad treasured the conversations that he had with Mr. Schieber and they were able to share in their cancer journey together. The relief is there, though, that Mr. Schieber's battle is over and is no longer suffering. Here is a photo of Jen with her Dad at the wedding.

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Nancy Tyler said...

Kristin, thanks for the update. Even when the news is hard, it's still good to know how to pray for all of you.

I'm asking God to let you all feel the strength and the comfort of His arms around you.