Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MRI results Today

Yesterday I had my MRI and another Vitamin C infusion. Today I meet with my oncologist to hear the MRI results and have another Avastin infusion. Stay tuned. I continue to feel very good and still continue to have good strength in my legs. I am feeling well enough that I can see the possibility of returning to teaching at Gloucester County College. I have told my dean to contact me in the Spring semester for the Fall semester of 2011. I will probably try some practice teaching to test the waters. I am also going to sit in on some courses to get up to speed and see how I do (Physics with Calculus 1 and Physics with Calculus 2; Algebra and Trigonometry and possibly other courses).

Our kids and granddaughter fly back to Texas today. It has been so good to have them here. There are no definite dates yet to relocate and join them
Continue to pray

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