Friday, January 29, 2010

Continuing to feel good and new residence

I continue to feel good. People who see me and hear what I have been through keep saying that I look good and sound strong. Does that mean that before this I didn't look good and didn't sound strong? I am not sure what a brain tumor patient normally looks like but I can certainly say it feels good to feel good. My next MRI is in February. I continue to do Avastin (chemo) infusions every two weeks. My next MRI will determine whether this goes to every 3 weeks. I also continue to vitamin C infusions each week long with other treatments and supplements. Thank you for your continued prayers. We trust in God's ultimate orchestration of all that is happening.

I am including some photos of the missionary apartment on the property of Southwood where we are currently staying so you can see our current living situation. It has forced us to compact things but it is probably good preparation for a possible relocation to Texas. We wait upon God for His leading.
Stairs entrance to back side of apartment
Living Room and office

Livingroom and office

Master bedroom

Joel's new office


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