Saturday, January 09, 2010


Some of my faithful blog followers have wondered where I have been and have also wondered if I was feeling so well that I was engage in another activities. I have been feeling very well so, yes, I have engaged in a number of activities and have been able to attend to my medical appointments with good strength. I am filling my days with getting books from my library scanned. I now have my Barnes and Noble Nook with the estimated capability to hold (after I upgraded the interal micro SD care to 16GB) about 1200 books. The Nook is about the size of medium paperback book. It's not for everyone but when your book shelf availability hs been seriously reduced, the Nook is a good option. I am keep some books intact and am now to 8 paper boxes of books. I am also doing a lot of reading in areas that I have wanted to for a long time. And of course, listing to Ken Boa (

It does feel good to feel good. Thanks again so much for praying for us. May God be praised for all that He is doing. The outcome is ultimately His to orchestrate. He is good and my hope.

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