Monday, October 25, 2010

Hard Days

Dad is noticeably worse today. I took the kids over to mom and dad's apartment for dinner. Dad was pretty quiet. Mom said he doesn't really speak unless you ask him a question. It seems like it's increasingly more difficult for dad to speak and formulate a reply.

Before I left I brought Cody over to dad's bed and dad was playing with Cody's feet. I was choking back tears as I wondered if dad was thinking about the fact that he won't get to see those grow to be bigger feet. This process is so very, very hard.

Many of you who live locally here to dad and mom keep asking if there's anything you can do to help. We could use some people who we could put on a schedule to stay with dad on a Sunday morning to make sure mom could make it to church. Hopefully we could have four or five people to put on a rotation so they wouldn't need to miss church too much themselves. Just give mom a call or send her an email to let her know you'd be available and we'll get a schedule worked up.

A huge positive thing about going through something so difficult as this is that I get to see just how many wonderful friends my parents have who love them so deeply.


Nancy Tyler said...

It must be so hard being away from your husband, managing the kids alone and being a support to your folks, all while you're dealing with your own feelings. I'm praying for you Kristen and I'm so grateful for these updates.

I think those little feet that your dad was playing with will grow into the kind of feet that will follow the same path that he's taken. Echoes of your dad will be strong and beautiful in your children.

Anonymous said...

Kristin and Family,

I would be honored to be put on the list to sit with your Dad so your mom could attend church.

Count me in for support - Colleen

cheeringUon said...

Can't sleep tonight, so decided to check in, as I have been thinking about your family. What a joy to know the strong and steadfast testimony of your folks,Kristen, especially of your dad through this difficult season of his life. Sending hugs and prayers,
Mary, for David too

Mary Schleining said...

Dear Kristin, We don't know each other but your precious Dad was my husband's and my Sunday School teacher at Hinson Baptist in Portland, Oregon. Your Dad was a wonderful teacher...I loved your Mom too. Thank you so much for these updates that I know must be tough for you to write as you walk through this season of life. I have been following your Mom and Dad's journey here for some time. Please give them our love and know that we have been and will be praying for you all in the days ahead. Much love to you all.

jake said...

Thank you for the posts, Kristin. Helps us know better how to pray. Please greet both of your parents for us. We love them. Dougg and Jake

Dana and Phil McFarland said...

Phil would be happy to sit with your dad any Sunday. Kara has his phone number and our email address.

Dana & Phil McFarland

Jennifer Saks said...

Kristin, we are old friends of your folks from Hinson, too. We've been following this journey of theirs since the beginning, and would just like you to know how proud we are of all of you. Having gone through similar things ourselves, we know how very, very hard this is...but God is at work in such a tangible way. This time is precious, and although it is so painful, you will be able to look back on these days with gratitude someday for the closeness you've had during these days, and for the closeup view you've had of the spiritual journey of your dad, who is a giant of the faith. We're praying for all of you, and our SS class is praying, too (Joel and Dottie were in our class at Hinson).
With our love,
Kraig and Jennifer Saks