Saturday, October 09, 2010

This Morning

Dad had a seizure this morning. Mom had gone out to rest on the couch after Dad turned on his iPod around 5 am this morning. Sometime around 6:30 am mom here a gurgling snoring sound and found dad with some blood coming out of his mouth and she was not able to wake him. They called Vitas (which is what they are instructed to do) and Brian. When Brian got there Dad was awake and able to squeeze Brian's hand to indicate that he was not in any pain. Dad had bit his tongue during the seizure so that is what the blood was from. The nurse came and confirmed that a seizure had occurred. The increased seizures are to be expected so this is "normal." By the time I got to the apartment around 9 am Dad was alert and able to speak but very tired. We left around 10:15 am and dad and mom were both resting.


Nancy Tyler said...

Kristen, I'm asking God to comfort each of you through these scary episodes. This is really hard stuff to go through. With you all.

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for you Pasor Joel and Dottie, as well as the rest of the family. May God's grace comfort each of you during these difficult episodes.

Here if you need me. Love you guys!


Michael said...

Just want you to know that we are praying and that we love you!

Jennifer Saks said...

Dear Joel and Dottie,
We continue to pray for both of you, and our class prays for you each week, as well. We are so proud of you! Your courage and faithfulness are a testimony to us all.
With love and prayers,
Kraig and Jennifer Saks