Saturday, February 05, 2011

Trust the Lord

So often during Joel's illness, he would share that his job was to just trust the Lord...something I, as his wife, saw evidenced daily. I, too, have been trusting the Lord and am happy to share some wonderful news of the Lord's provision in my life.

On January 31, 2011, I became a homeowner, once again. This is an obvious gift from the Lord. After Joel's death, I put a prayer request in the prayer bulletin at our church asking my church family to pray for local housing, a possible job, and wisdom to know the Lord's leading. A family attending Southwood saw that request and asked another friend to give information to me regarding low income housing in the development where they live. This friend did, and I submitted the necessary applications and was qualified and bumped to the top of a waiting list, I assume because I could purchase immediately through the use of Joel's life insurance funds; I probably would not be able to get a mortgage since I am unemployed, so didn't even pursue that route. The Lord seemed to confirm this decision to purchase through wise counsel from friends and also when the exact amount I needed for an initial deposit was left between the screen door and the door of the apartment where Bethany and I live without the giver knowing about the home opportunity...he said he was simply being obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

This little home is a "duplex" sharing one wall with another unit, 882 square feet, brand new, and located in a community where one has to be fifty-five or older to live there. Bethany can live with me, however, since she is over 19...soon to be 21! Snow removal and lawn mowing are provided and I am located between two families I already know! I could not ask for more...but there is more. Since the home only came with a stove, additional appliances are needed, and people have already contributed toward their purchase!! What a wonderful God we have who is the giver of all good and perfect gifts!


Phyllis said...

Thanks for sharing...I'm so happy for you. God is sooooo good!
Your friend,

amybhill said...

Love to hear it! God is so faithful!
<3 Matthew 6:25-34

Eric and Donna Shrift said...

Dottie, we are so blessed by this news! The Lord fills our cups in such unmistakable ways. It was a very refreshing time for us to be with you and all who came to the memorial service.