Monday, September 22, 2008

Medical update

We had our first visit with the neurosurgeon with Jefferson Neurosurgical Associates at Jefferson University Hospital today. We arrived a little before 10 am and were home by 1 pm. We met with two physicians and both confirmed that surgery is necessary, probably in a couple of weeks. We have some more tests and some things to confirm before we schedule a date but it will probably be the second or third week in October. Both seem to think it is a cancerous tumor so we would be looking at at some kind of postoperative treatment. Surgery is a couple of hours, a 24-48 hour stay in the hospital, and then recovery around 3 weeks but recovery may depend upon how well I am doing. He didn't buy, as neither did my family physician that I could be back at work the next day after surgery. Oh well, I tried.

We covet your continued prayers for the family and our church family as it looks like I will be out of action for awhile.

We are trusting in God's good and sovereign purpose for our life.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Joel,
Diana and I will be in Woodbury on Thursday. I plan to golf with Tom D in the morning and maybe have supper with the Grizzards in the evening. I would love to have a short chat with you while in NJ if possible since we leave for Brazil next Tuesday. We are praying for you and your complete recovery. We will have our entire church family in Brazil praying for you as well. I will also be checking your blog on a regular basis. Blessings. Dan and Diana