Friday, September 19, 2008

Newest addition to the MacDonald Family

Aaron and Kara have recently let us know that we are expecting our third grandchild around March 25 of 2009. Here's a shot of our new grandchild still in the womb. No gender identification yet. Mother and child are doing well.

Our son Brian just challenged the senior high youth group to invite 50 kids to the Tuesday night Breakaway. If they did, he would shave his head. They ended up with 30 so they shaved half and he finished the rest later so that he would be suitable for work. Brian has been working with me as a youth intern.


kdelmul said...

Brian—I never though I'd see the day where your hair is shorter than James. :-)

pinkvictorian said...

Hey MacDonalds-
We are so blessed to witness your faith amidst both blessings and trials. Press on and know we are praying for all of you.
....your friends in the pink victorian near GCCS.