Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday post

Yesterday (Friday) was my last day of teaching this semester at Gloucester County College. I will miss my students. All three of my sections of statistics have been a wonderful group of students. I wish them well. One of my students, at the end of his class, said that my outlook and uplifting spirit was a real inspiration to him. Another said that he had rekindled a new enjoyment of mathematics. I know some of you may assume anyone who enjoys teaching mathematics is strange indeed. So what else is new. Having had this opportunity to work with students at GCC outside my normal religious environment has been great. I enjoy having the opportunity to work in a setting where I have to put my Christian testimony to work just like those in my congregation.

Dottie and I continue to work at implimenting healthy eating and living habits to give my body the best opportunity to recover from surgery and to fight the cancer and whatever caused it. Our research is growing and I hope to have opportunity to learn as much as possible. We are being led to a good number of people who have both a medical background and extensive study in the area of battling cancer. There is a lot to learn.
We hope to make a decision on a surgical date on Monday. It still looks like the second or third week in October.

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