Friday, September 26, 2008


Journey log, 6 am
I had my second good night of sleep last night. I am usually been waking up anywhere from 1:30 to 4:30 am, reading for a little while and then fall back to sleep until about 6 or 7 am. For the last two nights, I have slept until about 6 am. I value my iPod for listening to enriching material. See my pastor blog for more details.
I still have fairly steady headaches and feel the constant pressure on my brain. But otherwise my cognitive skills seem to be fairly clear. Some may have doubted this all along. I get tired easily. Yesterday I had a bioethics meeting at Underwood Hospital at noon and couldn't wait to get home and lie down. I slept until about 5 pm.
I find that emotionally I am much more atuned to distruptive surroundings and want things to be quiet. Impatience is still my nemisis. God still refining my character in this area. My greatest concerns are for my family and church family, so I am having to learn a hard thing, release responsibilities and depend upon others. I gave my sister a hard time the other night (older brothers tend to do that .. my brother and I contend that we are the reason she turned out so well), as I tried to convince her that I was waiting to the right time in my college curriculum and the right time in my preaching schedule to time my surgery. She reminded me how important it is to take care of myself. I love her.
My diet is very strict. We are doing everything we can to eat nutritionally. This is a constant learning process and we hope to organize some of this information that has gained universal recongnition. We have some good advisors and, thanks to my wife's careful research, we are on a good path. We can't say enough for eating fresh stuff (enzyme rich), lots of vegetables and fruits, keeping pH at 7.0 or as akaline as possible, lots of fluids (pure water only), etc. More to come.
God has been good. We are on a journey and learning a lot.

Hopefully, by Monday, we should be able to discuss a specific date for surgery. It still looks like either the week of October 6 or 13. Stay tuned.

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christiems said...

Wow...I can't imagine what that's like. But I'm encouraged that you're praising God through it all! We're all praying for you here.
-Christie Sheats