Sunday, October 19, 2008

The MacDonald Anti-Cancer Nutrition Plan

Dottie and I had a good morning of private home worship. It was not as good as being with our church family but definitely a good time together. No, I did not preach. We listened to Max McLean recite Paul's letter to the Philippians. I recorded his audio from using Audacity audio editing software and then loaded it on my iPod. He reads with great diction and emphasis. He has also been my good listening at night (I use a set of small speakers from Radio Shack). I then read to Dottie from Linda Dillow's book, Calm My Anxious Heart (a gift from a very good friend). And no, we didn't form a choir. That would have been to painful but we did snuggle together on the couch which is something we haven't been able to do in our Southwood community on Sunday mornings since I am usually occupied otherwise.

So here is our current nutrition plan:
The MacDonald Anti-Cancer Nutrition Plan

With the generous counsel of a wonderful clinical nutritionist, other wise counselors and our own research, we have formed a nutritional plan for equipping Joel’s body to help fend off cancer related to his brain tumor. We understand now that we all have potential cancer cells in our body but that through health break down due to poor nutrition, radiation, and the introduction of toxic substances, cancer develops. We are cautious about our conclusions since we do not posses the necessary qualifications to address this as experts but we do posses the academic background to assess the information.

So here it is.

1. Five cups of fresh organic fruit per day spread over 3 meals. A single fruit type is consumed by itself and then after 30 minutes vegetables are consumed. Fruit needs to be digested alone without other foods interfering with the digestive process.

2. Five cups of fresh organic vegetables per day spread over 3 meals. Often the vegetables are with sprouts or sprinkled with tumeric. Ground flaxseed is also often used either with nut butter used as a vegetable dip or sprinkled on the vegetables.

Note: Food is eaten slowly to make sure it has been well prepared before it hits the stomach.

3. A green tea called Flor-Essence is brewed and consumed twice per day, 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before bed.

4. We use a combined product that serves as a natural cellular defense, three times per day with 5-7 hours between. It comes in vials and uses a few drops in water.

5. Our water comes through a carbon whole-house filter and then through a reverse osmosis system. It is then treated with a special device that enhances cellular use and absorption.

6. Almonds and other seeds or nuts are soaked and eaten raw as a mid-meal snack. Soaking removes enzyme inhibitors.

7. A vitamin D with calcium and multi-vitamin supplements are taken daily.

8. 80 oz. of water is consumed daily but not with meals. Drinking water or any liquids with meals interferes with the digestive process.

9. Three tablespoons of Udo’s oil is consumed daily either on food eaten or consumed as is.

10. Lemon juice in water is consumed prior to each meal.

11. Dottie juices a combination of broccoli stocks, broccoli leaves, leeks, carrots, celery, garlic, cucumber, beets, or sprouts. Not something we would serve to our guests unless they are brave.

12. We have recently added a number of capsules of cytotoxic acetogenins (get out your biomed dictionary) that has some good recommendations as a cancer treatment plan.

13. I check my pH each day in the morning to ensure that I am maintaining an alkaline pH. It has been found that cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

14. Because my type of cancer is related to radiation, I have taken serious precautions on my cell phone use and exposure to electromagnetic radiation. I have the “10 precautions for cell phone use” from Dr. Servan-Schreiber’s book if anyone is interested. The best email to use is jbmconsult with the at sign and then

Today has been another good day!

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