Saturday, October 11, 2008

Surgical look

Ok, here is the new look. Warning, if you have weak stomach for surgical incisions and also if you are blinded by the glare. One of my kids claimed that they wouldn't have much to shave since there was little left. This is further evidence of my neurosurgeon's masterful surgical work. It seems to be healing well and my doctor's are very pleased at the healing results. Headaches have been minimal. I had codeine the night of surgery and a tylenol the night before I came home. I am very grateful that the pain meds have been minimized. I will be glad to finally be off the anti seizure medicine. Again, again I am grateful to God's grace and the prayers of His people.

1 comment:

Joshua said...

I think it's a good look for you, Uncle Joel! It really complements the shapeliness of your head!

On a serious note, I'm very glad to hear the good reports. Keep up the strong recovery!