Saturday, October 25, 2008

Transparency and Reality

In case you are under the false assumption that Dottie and I are taking our journey with a perfect level of positive attitude and pristine character, let me engage in some transparency. We have been doing well but have had more than one occasion this week of emotional meltdown. I am not surprised. My sister, who has walked through caring for four family members as they have transitioned from earth to heaven, alerted me to this prospect. I treasure her even more as I do the rest of my family through this experience.

Early in the week a lot of our new schedule, demands, etc., caught up with us and we were down, but by the next morning God's good grace had strengthened us. So far when one of us has a meltdown, the other is able to provide encouragement, an open ear, and lots of good hugs. On Thursday of this week, after an afternoon doctor's appointment, I began to sense a cold and sore throat coming on. It added to my weariness and I gradually became more irritable and tired of a lot of things. I was somewhat tolerable to live with by not the best. I am glad for a gracious family. I went to bed fully expecting to wake up Friday morning with a raw sore throat and a full-blown cold. Instead Friday brought no sore throat. As Friday progressed, I continued to feel better and better. By Friday night, I was feeling almost back to full health. Today I feel great. We are pleased with this result since my body is already in a fight. For my immune system to be able to add another fight and do so well, is a great encouragement. All of you medical folks, please excuse this non-clinical assessment.

One of my helpful therapies over the last few days was to meet with the elders on Thursday night for 30 minutes. They were like mother hens and almost right on the minute at 7:30 pm, they got up to leave. It was great to have that time with them. I miss our time together. On Friday afternoon and evening, I got on the phone and touched base with some other people. I was so great to hear voices and get caught up on how people are doing.

We are continuing to learn more and more how to work with cancer. We know we will probably never get a degree in this area but are learning lots of confirmation through some very credible sources. I was finally able to connect this week with the USA assistant to Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. He is currently living in Paris, France. She gave us a lot of time. He had his first cancer occurrence in 1997 and then again in 2000. We are on a similar nutritional protocol. His book has been a great resource. I have someone working with me to develop a hyperlinked end note document for the 360 end notes in his book.

Dottie and I continue to spend some great time together enjoying each day and looking forward to the time when we can be back into the thick of ministry at Southwood. But, it will be different. I hope I never forget what God is in the process of teaching me. We have so much to learn. God, in His infinitude will never be enclosed in a box. Graduating to heaven will only mean a phenomenal opportunity to learn in a perfected state. We will be avid learners. No one will be found sleeping in the back row. That is a teacher's wildest dream.

Another great day!

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