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Anticancer Plan Update

Dottie and I have been working diligently to organize our anticancer nutritional plan. What follows is our most current summary. Details can be download here ()

The MacDonald Anti-Cancer Nutritional Plan (Overview)
November 2008

Wake-up Routine
As soon as I wake up in the morning, I take the following:
1. Lemon and activated water(8 oz): 8 oz of filtered water treated with the BioPro i-H20 water activation system with at least 2 tsp of freshly squeezed orgainic lemon juice.
2. Keppra (antiseizure medication) 250mg
3. Resveratrol Extra (1 tablets); Pure Encapsulations, Inc.
4. Coriolus-PSP (2 tablets): JHS Natural Products; Distributed by MushroomScience
5. Larix (1 tsp with water): Eclectic Institute
6. Green Tea Extract (2 tablets); Pure Encapsulations, Inc.
7. Flor-Essence Tea: 2 oz filtered & steamed H20 + 2 oz FE tea; Flora, Inc.
8. Natural Cellular Defense drops (15 drops) and Agarigold (5 drops); Waiora (Note: I try to do this 4 times per day, 7am, 12 pm, 5 pm, and 10 pm)

Breakfast (fruit): 1-2 cups of fruit of one kind is eaten a minimum of 30 minutes before additional breakfast is eaten to allow proper time for fruit to digest (all organic, always).

Breakfast (vegetables): carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc.; often a dip called “toona” is mixed and used as a dip with the vegetables. “toona” - see, (see Recipes and Main courses)
1. Supplements from the “Amazon Plan”: Nutranomics (
a. Immunibuild (2 tablets)
b. Detoxital (2 tablets)
c. Amazon Factor (2 tablets)
d. Metazyme (6 tablets )

2. Juiced drink: various combinations of vegetables

3. Note: Minimal water is consumed with food eaten for any meal so as to not interfere with proper digestion

Between meals: Drink 8 oz cup of brewed organic green tea .We try to use green tea with the highest ECG (epigallocatechin) concentration (see Foods to Fight Cancer by Dr. Richard Beliveau, Chapter 10, page 113). Japanese Sencha-uchiyama tea was found by Dr. Beliveau to have the highest ECG concentration.

Lunch: Prior to lunch - Fresh squeezed lemon juice and I-H20 (see above) plus NCD drops and Agarigold.

Lunch: (Fruit) - 2 cups of fruit of one kind: raspberries, strawberries, etc. (all organic, always); wait at least 30 minutes before consuming anything else for lunch.

Lunch: (Vegetables): Raw vegetables with various dip mixes
Amazon Plan supplements: (see above) Immunibuild (2 tablets); Amazon Factor (2 tablets; Metazyme (6 tablets)

Afternoon: Brewed green tea (see above)

Dinner: Prior to dinner - Fresh squeezed lemon juice and I-H20 (see above) plus NCD drops and Agarigold (try for 5:00 pm)

Dinner: (Fruit) - same as above

Dinner: (Vegetables) - see above
Amazon Plan supplements: (see above) Immunibuild (2 tablets); Detoxital (2 tablets); Amazon Factor (2 tablets; Metazyme (6 tablets). In addition: Keppra (anti-seizure, 250mg); Reseveratol (1 tablet)

Evening: Brewed green tea (see above)

End of the day routine: Flor-essence tea, brewed; NCD drops and Agrarigold

Additional Notes:

1. Eat food slowly. Try to chew fully to allow digestive juices in the mouth to have their full effect. Attempt to swallow food in masticated liquid form
2. Water consumption: I use a glass 16 oz. bottle that was filled with Kombucha drink. We purchased the Kombucha at Whole Foods. I use this bottle to avoid any possible toxic contamination from plastic. This bottle is refilled with i-H20 activated water that has come through a charcoal, whole-house filter and then through a reverse osmosis filtering system. It also helps me measure my fluid intake each day. My goal is 70 ounces of fluid for proper hydration. I am also working to keep my pH alkaline (7.0 and above) since cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

3. Twice a week I am at Magaziner Center for Wellness ( for vitamin C and magnesium intravenous therapy and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

4. Dottie and I try to walk a mile at a brisk pace three times a week.

5. Because there is a potential link between EMF radiation and cancer, we have chosen to limit the way we use cellular phones. Additional informal can be found in the pdf file of all the documents covering our plan. ( Contact information is included in this document.

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