Saturday, November 08, 2008

The “Green Drink”

Today was probably the first day I wanted to chuck the whole nutrition program. Dottie fed me her infamous “Green Drink.” It is a drink that I like to say, “real men drink Dottie’s green drink.” Here’s a sample from today: beet, celery, mint, onion, Brussels sprouts, and garlic all squeezed into a juice. It definitely throws you for a loop. A couple of weeks ago, one of these concoctions took me until noon to recover. For breakfast today, I had a salad of alfalfa sprouts, arugula, parsley, sprouted beans, with a lentil sauce. I was afraid I was going to moo. I don’t think you will see any of this served in the movie, No Reservation [movie site; Amazon]. After the “Green Drink” and while eating the sprout salad ... yummy!!! ... I found myself thinking, “I am tired of all this nutrition stuff. I am tired of following a regimented plan, keeping track of what I am eating, having to eat on schedule, taking pills, etc.” But then the alternative isn’t fun either. So back to work. Actually the rest of the day went very well.

Brian (my son) and I drove to Philadelphia Biblical University to attend their Worldview Conference, “Beauty, Art, & the Church.” It was a good test of my recovery strength. Of course Dottie packed my food supply and supplements. I took along my nutrition check list. And, I had a great day. We sat through four lectures, a workshop, and I came home feeling great. Of course, the best part was spending all that time with my son. And we both enjoyed the presentations. We agreed that the best presentation was by Brian Godawa, “Beyond Propaganda and Entertainment: Redemption in Storytelling.” Brian Godawa is a Hollywood screenwriter [To End All Wars, IMDB (Internet Movie Database); Amazon] and author of the book, Hollywood Worldviews: Watching with Wisdom and Discernment [Amazon;]. He certainly added some new dimensions to watching movies. My equal favorite and the prime reason for attending this conference, was Dr. Nancy Pearcey, “The Story of Art: Reconciling Head and Heart.” She is author of Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Cultural Captivity [Amazon,] and The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy (co-authored with Charles B. Thanxton)[Amazon,]; both are on my favorite books list.

It was an excellent day.

Tomorrow I plan to post an audio announcement of an upcoming Q & A session with the Southwood congregation that, again, should be another good test of my recovery. Stay tuned.

Today is another great day.

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