Monday, December 15, 2008

Great day

Yesterday was a great day as I finally returned to the pulpit and Sunday morning contact with my congregation. What a delight to be back in contact. They are a great community of people who are fellow travelers on the journey of following Christ. I felt strong (thanks for all the prayers) during the entire message time. It was great to have my sister here for a few days. Her presence coupled with my brother's email of encouragement the night before, label them as, priceless! My plan, unless the Lord reveals otherwise, is to press on. I look forward to many more days and years of ministry. You can check out yesterday's message audio (as soon as it is posted) at our current messages page.

Tomorrow is a big day as we have our on-the-phone consultation with Dr. Jeanne Wallace of Nutritional-Solutions. Dr. Wallace has a PhD in human nutrition and has focused on working with brain tumor patients. We are looking forward to the call and her input to see if there is anything that we need to adjust in our game plan. We have read and re-read the 147 pages of notes that she sent us. You can hear her lecture at the Central NJ Brain Tumor Support Group, Oct 15,2005 and, in the introduction, hear a brief testimony of a close friend who was diagnosed with my same brain tumor and is doing very well eight years later.
[Video link]

The slides she refers to are available are her web.

Another great day!


Anonymous said...

You don't know me; my name is Carol (Stansberry) Margerum. I grew up attending Southwood WAY back when. I can remember as a little girl walking on the floor beams holding my father's hand as the current church was being built. My father, Fred Stansberry, worked for Eternity Magazine (which later sold to GuidePost) and the Bible Study Hour (James Boyce). He was a deacon at the church and headed up the athletic program (softball/basketball leagues). My mom, Deloris Stansberry, was bookkeeper for Little People Day Nursery. We attended Southwood when George Huber was pastor, from the early 60's until '78 when we moved to Tennessee.

I'm just writing all of this to let you know that I've been following your medical journey and supporting you in prayer. I've used the church website to keep up with what's going on at church and listen to the sermons in my office while I work and have directed others to the website from time to time as well. I just wanted you to know that someone, somewhere, hundreds of miles away... someone you've never met, is praying for you.

MacDonald Family said...

Carol, I do remember your Dad and have met him on more than one occasion. Thanks for the encouragement. It keeps me motivated to post new isues in the journey.
Pastor Joel