Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rugged Road

I assume you can tell that the last few days have been rugged. I should learn to post whatever but the details and demands of what we are doing do take a toll. It was probably set off by a report that we got on Tuesday, Dec. 9 regarding my Natural Killer Cell level. I should learn by now, to step back from these results, take a deep breath, get some additional input, before I draw conclusions. Natural Killer Cells, Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Servan-Schreiber’s book, Anticancer on Natural Killer Cells:
Natural killer ,(NK) cells are very special agents of the immune system. Like all white blood cells, they patrol the organism continually in search of bacteria, virus, or new cancer cells. But while other cells of The immune system need previous exposure to disease agents in order ro recognize and combat them, NK cells don't need prior introduction to an antigen in order to Mobilize. As soon as they detect an enemy, they gather around the intruders, seeking membrane-to-membrane contact. Once they make contact, NK cells aim their internal equipment at their target, like a tank turret. This equipment carries vesicles filled with poisons.
On contact with the cancer cell's surface, the vesicles are released and the chemical weapons or the NK cells—perforin and granzymes—penetrate through the membrane. The molecules of perforin take the shape or micro-rings. They are assembled in the shape of a rube, forming a passage for the rgranzymes through the cancer cell's membrane. At the core of the cancer cell, the granzymes then activate the mechanisms of programmed self-destruction. Its as if they give the cancer cell an order ro commit suicide, an order it has no choice but to obey. In response to this message, its nucleus crumbles, leading, to the cancer cell's collapse. The deflated remains of the cell are then ready to be digested by macrophages, which are the garbage collectors of the immune system and are always around in the wake of NK cells. [Anticancer, pages 30-31] [Endnote 10(full text pdf), 11(abstract]

My Natural Killer Cell LU count (Lytic Units) was 2.9 and it should be up around 20. This indicates that my Natural Killer Cell production is almost non-existent. Now, you can understand why the rugged road. However, here are some other considerations. The blood sample for this test was taken on October 28. It may be too early for the nutritional and supplement protocols to have kicked in enought to stimulate more NK cell production. There are some protocols that need to be increased. We have a phone consultation with Dr. Wallace next Tuesday that will hopefull clarify some of this.

Otherwise, I have been feeling great. I had a full 3 hour meeting with my elder board last Thursday night that included three new elders. I felt great through the entire meeting. I plan to be in the pulpit tomorrow and can’t wait. A real plus is that my sister arrived on Thursday to be with us for a few days. What a treat! So, stay encouraged, fellow pilgrims. Your prayers and support are invaluable. It may be in eternity that we see how much prayer has played a role in all that is happening. Until then, let’s stay faithful.

Some very dear friends sent us this verse etched on the side of a candle holder:
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Paul’s letter to the Christians at Rome 15:13)

For you who are more medically interested, here are some resources on Natural Killer Cells:
1. Immunology Images: Natural Killer Cell [Link]
2. Online Medical Dictionary [Link]
3. Daniel M. Davis, Isaac Chiu, Marlys Fassett, George B. Cohen,Ofer Mandelboim, and Jack L. Strominger, “The human natural killer cell immune synapse,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Dec. 21, 1999 vol. 96, no. 26 15062-15067 [Link]

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Anonymous said...

Mr. MacDonald, i came across your blog by accident, but have been following your condition, i feel like
i know you. My family has gone through cancer, it is heart-reanching! your words and faith are
so inspiring! keep fighting! think of
all you have to look forward to. A
wedding and a new grandchild. Please keep updating your blog about your condition and all the blessings in your family. God is good and he will help us all.