Thursday, January 29, 2009


Once again I (Kristin) have the privilege of updating the blog as Dad is having surgery and recovering. It's harder for me this time because I am not able to be there to see him and support my family. However, I know God has me where I need to be for now and I look forward to visiting N.J. at the end of February.

Mom sent me a text message this morning letting me know they had made the first incision at 8 a.m. I just got another text message a few minutes ago saying that the surgery is finishing up. We are all praying that Dad will have the same great recovery that he had last time. I will post more as I talk with my family and hear how things are going.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kristin for the update. We are praying as well for your Dad's recovery and strength for all of you. I am sure it is difficult for you not being able to be here.

Prayers for all.

Colleen and Kathy Brooks

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kristin for the update

Day and Dave

pinkvictorian said...

STILL praying here! So glad to hear from you,Kristin. In times like these, miles are irrelevant, aren't they? You're just a prayer away.

Randy Binkley said...

Hi Brother,

Praying for you and the family.

Randy Binkley