Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Waiting Room

We were overlooked in the waiting room today. Even though we were sitting and available, arrived early, signed in but someone failed to catch us. Finally at about 1pm when it was about time to proceed to my MRI we finally tracked down a nurse who was able to get things moving. How do you respond to moments like this? The Apostle Paul addresses moments in our life and reminds us to make the most "of our time." The word for time is 'Xairos' (in Greek, a decisive, significant moment in time) [see Ephesians 5:16]. 'Xairos' time is different than 'chronos time (the simple changing of chronological seconds and minutes ... the kind we put in our Day-Timer or Palm). Can I see moments in my day as God's moments and see what He wants me to see? -- time with people, viewing a sunset, etc. What does God want me to learn so that I adjust my mind and heart to operate in harmony with His reality of how life is to be lived. This is the challenge each day but also the deep delight in discovering His greatness and enjoying Him at work. Fellow traveller, press closer to Him.

Surgical report time tomorrow (Thurs, Jan 31) is 6 am. Surgery should then be early in the am. My daughter Kristin plans to keep the blog posted until I can get back to it. My hope is to be home by Saturday but God still as always has His plan. We treasure your partnership with us in this time of praying.


Nancy Tyler said...

Displaying grace in a difficult time of waiting says a lot about a man; it says even more about the God he's trusting.

Praying, trusting, and waiting with you.

Burke family said...

The Burke's will be praying with all of you tomorrow......

MacDonald Family said...

Your comment right on target. This is all about the greatness of God and getting to know His greatness -- our deepest desire and delight. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

"God often uses difficulty and suffering to complete His good work in us. We can clearly see the role of suffering in the New Testament from the Book of Matthew to the Book of Revelation. Don't get the feeling that we signed up for suffering when we received Jesus. Beloved, we live in a fallen world where every human being suffers to some extent. The difference is that our suffering need never be in vain. As we allow God to minister to us in our fiery trials, He is glorified, the church is edified, and we are qualified for greater reward."
-Beth Moore

I'm praying for a miracle to a God who is ABLE.