Thursday, February 19, 2009


We got some potentially good news yesterday in a phone discussion with the medical doctor who did the pathology on my tumor just removed. Although he couldn't say for sure that "therapy related necrosis" was the direct result of my increase in killer cell activity, he did raise the possibility. He doesn't have familiarity enough with what to look for so we are looking for other resources to whom we could send slide samples for a more definitive assessment. In the meantime, I am continuing in a treatment that we found through M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, using two ingredients, Ruta graveolens and Ca3(PO4)2. If interested, you can see a copy of the protocol from the International Jounral of Oncology at our Healthy Hints website. We appreciate your continued prayer. This is quite a journey but not one the we are traveling alone. We appreciate certainly God's presence and guidance through all of this but also the partnership with God's family and all your prayers for us.

Today is another good and great day because we have a good and great God!

Stay tuned for another "Faith Assignment" at my pastor blog.

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