Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Visit with doctors

Yesterday, Dottie and I spent all morning at Jefferson University Hospital meeting with a team of doctors which included our neurosurgeon and included a whole bunch of residence doctors, student doctors, nurses, social worker, et al. We asked a lot of questions (typed out ahead of time of course) and I had a packet of information to give them if they wanted (which they didn't) although I had sent ahead a copy of a medical report on one of my protocols to our neurosurgeon, in which he showed a great deal of interest. We gained a lot of information but not necessarily any different from our meeting last October.
We asked several of the doctors about my last pathology report since it included the statement: "therapy related necrosis." Since I have not undergone any chemo or radiation therapy, this was ruled out and we were confirmed that it was not related to either surgery. So what therapy could contribute to necrosis ("cell death" or apoptosis)? This is possibly a good result since I have a number of things that have been implimented since last fall's meeting that may be contributing this. Our neurosurgeon was so intrigued that he is going back to the pathologist to see if he can obtain any clarification.
I still have some other medical appointments to gather further information. Obviously our hope is that we can continue to implement measures to fend off tumor regrowth. Pray for us as we gather information and discern the best options for me. If anyone knows about the phrase "therapy related necrosis" please let me know.
We are glad that we have a good and sovereign God who oversees all of this.

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James E. Leary said...

Thanks Joel for the update. We were praying for your visit and for wisdom and direction. You and your family are in our prayers.