Thursday, March 05, 2009

Submarines and food logs

If anyone is interested (why should you?) here is a link to some photos and info on the submarine that I served on from 1970 to 1972. Fond memories of my faith being honed, challenged as I also had the opportunity to be the Protestant lay leader on board and conduct worship services while at sea (as if I knew what I was doing???). Thanks to Howard Schilling for this link.

In the other interest category, if you are interested in the nutrition, supplement, alternative protocols that keep my day busy, check out the posting of my daily food logs at our Healthy Hints web site. This is a site that we hope to add to as time and information allows. Here is a direct link to Tuesday's food log. We had a good visit with my neurologist at the VA Hospital. His advice, keep pressing on doing what we are doing.

Another good day to be alive in the Lord. I still hope to be in church this Sunday and back in the pulpit on March 15.

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