Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bump in the road

I hit a major bump in the road on Friday. I was on my way out the door about 4 pm on Friday, March 10th to walk to the church. All I remember is feeling tired and the need to lay down on the floor. My son, Brian, came home soon after that and found me on the floor. When he tried to wake me, I was not very coherent so he realized immediately that something was wrong. He called Dottie and got me to the local hospital right away and then immediately transported me over to Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia where I have had both of my neurosurgeries. I was in ER from late Friday afternoon until late Saturday afternoon with no food. I had a Cat scan late Friday and then a MRI early Saturday morning. It was about 8 am on Saturday that my neursurgeon's associate gave us the report that I had probably had a seizure and that a tumor had regrown in the same location as before. It is not the same size but it is sobering and somewhat discouraging to have it regrow so soon after my last surgery on January 29th. We thought we were on a good course and had received good encouragement from some of our consultants that we were on a good course. We now face some difficult decisions about how to proceed next. Our neurosurgeon is out of town until March 17 so it will be difficult to get some immediate information from him. Meanwhile we will be contacting his office and as many other resources as we can to see what course of action should be taken. Your prayers are most welcome. There is no question that this is a very malicious tumor and that it is going to be an ongoing challenge for us.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you are having such a
difficult time. I also have had a
scary few weeks but find your words
very encouraging. You are in my prayers.

Nancy Tyler said...

Bumps in the road can be so stunning. Unexpected. Unwanted.

I'm praying throughout the day and as I wake during the night for God to keep renewing your hope and your strength and that of your whole family. And I'm asking the God who's bigger than doctors' prognoses to heal you.

MacDonald Family said...

As always your comments are timely and very appropriate. Your prayers are a treasure.

The Sullivans said...

Although we are so sorry for the recent setback, we all continue to pray to the Great Physician; the One who knows the beginning & the end; the One who will carry you through this. So, rest-in Him, through Him; with Him.