Friday, April 24, 2009

Follow-up visit with neurosurgeon

We heard a couple of significant comments from my neurosurgeon, Dr. David Andrews, at Jefferson University Hospital yesterday: “You continue to amaze us after three surgeries. You are recovering well and looking great!” It is always reassuring when your neurosurgeon makes comments like that.

As Dr. Andrews reviewed my postoperative pathology report, he said this tumor was distinctly different. It had the look of being treated with radiation (which I have not had) so hopefully the high doses of vitamin C infusion are doing the right job along with all the other aspects (PRAYER!!!). However living malignant cells are still present. This pathology result is especially important since my test for the cytomeglavirus indicates an extremely high level of the virus. Dr. Charles Cobbs, a California neurosurgeon, has found a connection between cytomeglavirus and brain tumors.
We thank God for His continual gracious work .


Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight - we will certainly keep up the PRAYERS!


MacDonald Family said...

Colleen, welcome to the leadership team and the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - Glad to be part of it. It is the least I can do.

We share in your neurosurgeon's continue to amaze all of us. Your faith is a lesson and blessing to so many.