Friday, May 01, 2009

Doing good

Each day I am doing better and feeling stronger. And I am even gaining weight. I continue with vitamin infusions twice a week with 100,000 mg each time. My IV nurse says that this is attacking the cancer like using a big back hoe to dig a swimming pool instead of a teaspoon. We will watch and see. My next MRI is scheduled for mid-May.

Check out my Faith Assignment No. 4 at my pastor blog where I take us to the upper room and the Lord's supper. The Lord's ability to read our heart and still love us is a reminder that He who knows us best, loves us the most. A great thought to carry around each day.


Sherry said...

It's amazing to watch God work in your life!!!!!!
Bill and Sherry

MacDonald Family said...

Response to Bill and Sherry, I'm afraid I haven't always used the work amazing but most of the time. I have used words like intriguing, interesting but always come back to the need to trust Him. He is always faithful and continues to be.