Friday, May 15, 2009

Fattin/ up

This morning brought more good news on my weight gain need. I am up to 139.8#. I know some would like to trade this problem with a weight loss need. Maybe someone will come up with a transfusion approach. I continue to feel tired but my medical team reminds me that I am fighting high levels of Epstein Barr and Cytomeglavirus (think mononucleosis). Plus I am also going through a lot of detoxification. Even with this explanation I get impatient with being tired.

A number of years ago at my friend, Bob Tebow's ordination, I reminded him that tiredness is no excuse for carnality. That statement has come back to haunt me. To fend off the temptation to respond out of tiredness I have been reminding myself that I have the real option to respond out of the sweetness of the Holy Spirit who lives in me. Early this am to make sure I remembered the personality of the Holy Spirit I refreshed my memory on the nine fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22. He has made me new and His fruit is my new redeemed reality and I am under no obligation to respond out of the flesh. This is my current daily reflection and diligent desire to allow for His spiritual formation.

Today is another great day because we have a great and awesome God!

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