Saturday, May 09, 2009

Weight Gain

Weight gain is not an issue that everyone might be glad about, but in my case it is a good thing. This morning I am up to 137.8#. We hope that I can get into the 140's. My lowest weight has been 131#. I thought it was neat to be down to my college weight until my vitamin C nurse said I need fat to fight the fight. So I am on course to fatten up. I still have this desire to eventually get in shape to run the 1500 meters in the senior Olympics.

I thought it might be good to introduce my medical team:
Dr. David Andrews at Jefferson University Hospital continues to be a great support. He has always been complementary about how well I do through surgery and recovery. As wonderful as he is, this a team I would like to break up.

Michael Anne McAllister, RN doing my vitamin C infusions in Drexel Hill, PA

Janice Picking, clinical nutritionist, Northfield, NJ who has been tracking down a number of things that are compromising my immune system; yeast, mercury (no surprise since I have a mouth full of it).

Dr. Andrew Oswari, Chung Institute of Integrative Medicine, Moorestown and Woodbury, NJ. He has been tracking down a number of viral co-infections, taking care of some parasites, detoxing the metals in my body (mercury, aluminum, etc).

These are all wonderful people and a joy to visit and discuss my situation. They all are giving us tremendous hope.

I have my next MRI on May 19. Dr. Andrews had to leave some tumor material on the left side of my brain, otherwise I would have lost my vision. I still have a darkness in my left peripheral vision. I will do a Humphries field vision test on the same day as the MRI and compare with the test done last September. This may determine whether I will ever get back to driving. With regard to the remaining tumor, the hope is that the vitamin C will do the same thing as happened to the tumor removed and encapsulate it, manage it, and keep it from growing.

Today is another great day to be alive and enjoy the greatness of our God. It is amazing how much emotion has surfaced in my life. Even as I typed that first sentence, emotions welled up. I am so grateful for His love and grip on my heart and the great people around me starting with my wife and kids. They are all a phenomenal gift.


Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you and are encouraged by your faith.

....Coll and Mom

cheeringUon said...
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cheeringUon said...

Good to hear about your weight gain. So good to hear you have a team in the medical profession that you have confidence in, but most of all that your confidence continues strong in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Love and prayers for both you and Dottie, and the family.