Saturday, May 30, 2009

Health Update

Yesterday, Friday, was a busy but encouraging medical appointment day. My vitamin C nurse said that “I look like a million bucks” however I couldn’t get her to write out a check and deposit it in my bank account. She is very pleased with my weight gain (now, 148# and overall health. She and others are doing a great job getting me ready for chemo and radiation. In an interesting side note. Several of the doctors administrating my radiation expressed concern with the use of vitamin C, stating that it was an anti-oxidant and could interfere with my radiation. For others who might run into this, as it turns out, that concern is unwarrented, it is actually a pro-oxidant. Research has shown that vitamin C enhances the efficacy of chemo and radiation and in fact equips the body’s immune system to endure chemo and radiation far better than if vitamin C infusion were not being used. I found the following article very clarifying; “Antioxidants and Other Nutrients Do Not Interfere with Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy and Can Increase Kill and Increase Survival” [Link]

A doctor I am working with reported that my parasite and Lyme's infections are now cleared. This is another good item of news since it will mean less competition in my immune system. As an interesting side note, I mentioned to him that I have a dream of running the 1500 meters in the senior Olympics. He gave me the go ahead to start some slow training since I still have a very strong heart and low heart rate (in the low 40's). I have started walking and a few days ago walked the half mile from home to the church and then back home. My legs felt strong. Walking each day has also been prescribed by others as an excellent prep for chemo and radiation.

Pray that we will receive my chemo drug soon since it has been stated that the best efficacy for the radiation occurs when both the chemo and radiation are used concurrently. After Wednesday, June 3 we will have specifics on my radiation schedule. Basically we know that radiation will take place at Jefferson University Hospital for 6 weeks, Monday through Friday. Chemo is an oral prescription taken on my own for the duration of the radiation and then on a six month schedule following radiation. I did get the Jefferson physicians to assure me that I will be ok for my son Brian’s wedding on June 19, however I didn’t get them to sign on the dotted line. That’s ok, God knows my need and it is still His schedule.

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