Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oncologist/Radiologist Questions

Some may be interested in the questions I have drafted for my visit to the oncologist and radiologist today. Of course my biggest question is will I be in good condition for Brian and jen's wedding on June 19th?

Questions regarding radiation therapy and chemotherapy

1. What kind of radiation therapy will I get?

2. What will be the short term and long term benefit for my type of cancer

3. How many weeks will my course of radiation therapy last?

4. What kinds of side effects should I expect during my course of radiation therapy?

5. How will you assist me through chemo/radiation when I get so sick I begin to lose substantial weight, due to inability to eat?

6. At what point does too much chemo and/or radiation become a factor and how will you know?

7. What will my body look like and function like when I’m done with your protocol?

8. Do you agree to not let me get below:
a. protein of <5>20% total body weight
9. How do you tell (if both exist simultaneously) between severe dehydration/malnutrition secondary to the treatment and stage IV cancer?
10. How many of your patients can’t complete the therapy due to the complications of treatments? What would be the definition of “overkill” and how would you know?
11. How will you partner with me in my intravenous vitamin C treatment in light of the fact that it appears to have been a major contributor to my last tumor surgery (April 14, 2009) and the fact that the tumor had the look of being radiated?

12. I have not received the results of the MGMT stain on my last tumor. This stain test is important in determining the effectiveness of Temador. Can we expedite this test so that Temador’s effectiveness can be accurately determined?

13. Can you assure me that in the radiation process, the radiation of healthy brain cells will not lead to those cells becoming unable to process nutrients in the future as a direct result of radiation or that I will experience brain dementia as a direct result of radiation of healthy brain cells?

Whatever the answers, the process and the results are God's.

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Thinking of you and praying for you today....