Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great Help

Yesterday we had wonderful and gacious help from a bunch from our church to get our yard ready for tomorrow's wedding rehersal dinner at our house. A big thank you to the Showler team (Mom (Lisa) and kids: Ben, Meredith, Jordan, Chloe); you did so well that the guys from the Tuesday men's bible study didn't have much to do. Thanks to the Tuesday guys: Steve (plus wife, Julie), Tim, Bob, and Matt. It is hard for ornery self-sufficient guys like me to accept so much help but it is so appreciated. Thanks to Warner for edging the lawn and then finishing the clean-up today. (Forgive me if I forgot someone).
I completed 11 of 30 radiation treatments so far. Side effects are either none or minimal. Mostly I am tired but I was tired from my April 14 surgery. I meet briefly with doctors each week, usually on Tuesday and so far the meetings are quite boring since it is the same response, "no I am not experiencing any significant side effects, I feel strong, but make sure I am ready for my son's wedding on Friday.

Our daugher from Texas, Kristin, son-in-law, Jame, and granddaughter, Ranae arrived yesterday ... yea!!! More family the rest of the week. What a glorious time and occasion for celebration!!!

Romans 15:13 is our daily verse, memorized, quoted as we drive to Philadelphia. Today, as we walked, we talked about the challenge of living by the truth of Romans 15:13 when the chapters for this unfolding story, have not yet been written. That is where real faith comes in. How about you?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your willingness to do the yard work...I know it is sincerely appreciated ! I say thanks to each of you for responding to the email request....what a great group of folks!!