Friday, June 05, 2009

Radiation and Raising the Flag

Today was number 3 of 30 radiation treatments and concurrent chemotherapy. Radiation treatments will finalize on July 14.The routine is settling in. We Arrive at Jefferson Hospital Bodine Cancer Center at about 9:30 am, park the car, go for a 15 minute brisk walk (Dottie may have trouble keeping up with me.) ( tried climbing steps two-at-a-time for a flight of stairs but that was all I could do. I used to climb steps to the 6th floor at Underwood Hospital, two-at-a-time to check my heart. I have a way to go but it was a good start. I am called for radiation at about 10:00 am and am done by 10:20 am.

Today was also a good day to knock on some hearts to see if there was any openness. When I walked into the radiation room, I asked the techs if my radiation team was having a good day. Their response, “Yes”“ You should, we have a lot of people across the county praying for you and me.”
Response: “great”
At the end of radiation, they commented that I was in good shape because of their skill. My response: “Good but I also have a great and good God watching over this whole process.” When I left the navy for seminary, my commanding officer commented that he was passing me on to higher command.” He didn’t know that I was under higher command when I was working for him.
Response: “He (God) was a higher pay grade.”
My response: “Absolutely way higher.”
No respone. We will wait for another day. It is great to make Him known, so I will keep knocking on the door and raising the flag.

So far no side effects of either the oral chemo drug or radiation. For that, we thank you for your prayers.

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