Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I had my first radiation treatment today, the first of 29. I travel to Jefferson University Hospital, Bodine CCancer TreatmentCenter for the next six weeks, Monday through Friday, 10:00 am. My last treatment is scheduled for July 14. I take a prescription chemotherapy drug, Temador, about one hour prior to my radiation treatment. Today's time was longer because of all the careful steps to get the imaging set up and delays with other patients plus I asked a whole bunch of techical questions about how the radiation equipment and process worked. The radiation is a high dose of xray, hopefully, accurately pinpointed to radiate the tumor. I then have a six month schedule of continuing to take the Temador. I feel good, so we will see how all of this works. God is the final physician in this matter. Again I asked them to reassure me that I would be well for Brian's wedding on June 19.

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Anonymous said...

Was anxious to hear how all went today. Praying for you.