Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New stage of life

Dottie and I have been reflecting on my official final date yesterday (June 30) as senior pastor of Southwood. We have been looking at what God has in mind for this new stage of life. With the last 10 months being so life changing, we can only imagine and trust. I have been focused on Matthew 11:30 where Jesus says he gives us easy yokes. I understand this as a well-fitted yoke where I am yoked appropriately with Him. I need to learn how to join with Him in what He has for me and enjoy. It is one that requires constant renewal of the mind by keeping God's statements of my reality from His Word constantly in the forefront of my mind.

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Nancy Tyler said...

I was thinking about June 30th too. And I got to reminiscing...

Even though I was away in DC at college when you started at Southwood, you officiated at most of my life's major events--my baptism, wedding and my dad's funeral. And you were there week after week, year after year as my mom got to sit under and grow from your teaching and encouragement.

Thank you for letting God use you to help shape us. Mom and I sure weren't the only ones, and we won't be the last.

God's methods and timing are beyond what I can understand. But He is the ultimate strategist. He's completely purposeful and He wastes nothing.

Looking ahead with hope and praying for you, Dottie and the kids.