Saturday, August 08, 2009

House for Sale

On Friday, we met with our Realtor and placed our house on the market. 9:45 am, we just got a call from our realtor and we have our first showing at 1:30 pm today. Keep praying. We trust that God is our ultimate real estate agent and has His timing scheduled.

I will post the links here. For right now here are some initial pictures. If you know anyone who would like to move into the Greenfields's neighborhood of West Deptford, contact our real estate agent. Once sold, we hope that Southwood will still allow us to relocate to the missionary apartment where we can wait for God's plan for our possible relocation to the Dallas, Texas area. This move may not take place until after January, 2010. Those future chapters have not been published by the Lord for us to read. We continue to wait upon Him and trust Him.

For those who keep asking, my health is very good. I feel strong and am doing well. I continue to do my twice a week vitamin C infusion (100,000mg each) Sleep at night is still not full because of the decadron steroid but I am resting a lot. We continue to wait for the Aug 20 MRI and the meeting with the brain cancer team on Aug 24.

I have posted a new article on my Pastor Blog"Why no fear?"

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