Monday, August 10, 2009

Walk Throughs and Offer

With the house being placed on the market we had two walk throughs on Saturday, two more on Sunday, and and offer Sunday evening. I am reminded of the unbelievable answer to prayer for Peter’s release from prison in Acts 12. Pray for us as we negotiate our way through having to vacate the house and thinking through any offers. Getting out of the house on Sunday was easy as we attended Southwood in the morning and then went to Brian and Jen’s apartment in the afternoon to celebrate Brian’s 22nd birthday. My strength is up, my weight is holding up, and in general, other than the decadron sterioid still interupting my sleep, I am feeling great!. We are focused on getting the house cleaned out of stuff accumulated over the 36 years of marriage and family and sorting out exactly what can be kept as we anticipate living in much smaller living accomodations.

Check out my Pastor Blog for an article on Mark Crocco’s message yesterday. The audio should be posted sometime today or tomorrow at Southwood’s Current Message page.

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