Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apartment Living

We continue to sort out boxes and arrange our new accomodations. We do hav eour phone relocated and internet connection. The home phone is the same. Today is a visit to my clinical nutritionist, Janice Picking in Linwood, NJ.

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for a series I am starting to backup Mark Crocco's preaching and a series on temptation. The adjustment from house to apartment has been challenging. Pray for us.


Anonymous said...

A house is only sticks & stones. A home is where your heart is. I continue to pray for you & your family.

Anonymous said...

now that you have been taken out of the home that you've known for the past 22 years, i am praying that the Lord would be your pillar of smoke by day and your pillar of fire by night. may you see Him leading you everyday through this modern day wilderness. He has a promised land for you.