Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Struggle and Adjustment

The last few days, especially Monday and Tuesday have been a challenge. In light of James chapter 1, has it been a test or a temptation? It has been both.

Yesterday we were able to see an endocrinologist at Jefferson University Hospital, with only one day notice to confirm that my steroid dose of decadron is too high. He now has me on a schedule to reduce the level to a minimal level. The effect has been weakening in my legs. My legs will periodically go weak and collapse underneath me. They did so twice yesterday at the hospital and I had to be assisted via wheelchair into the hospital. It often happens here in the apartment as I get up and go into another room. There is a steep set of steps to get into the apartment but so far, they have not been a problem. On Tuesday, something I ate or the volume of supplements set off indigestion and I ended up with a sleepless night.

We are still adjusting to apartment living and still trying to find things that got put into boxes but still haven’t located exactly where they are. But we are adjusting and are grateful for the living accommodations for all three of us. Bethany has her room and space and keeps busy between college classes, work for Dr. Tomaso, even some math tutoring at the college, church activities, and time with friends and family. We continue to attend worship services on Sunday morning. It is nice to be located so close on the church property, it makes it easy for people to stop by, which two did yesterday. IT is great o have visitors.

I am tired a lot but in general, except for yesterday, in good shape. The last two days was a sobering awareness of the reality of the term, disability. That is a term that I never thought would apply but seems to be more and more the case. We continue to address a variety of medical solutions and a hopeful that progress will still occur. I am waiting to start a new round of chemotherapy. We are waiting to make sure that my body is strong enough to handle it. With the last MRI results, we see no urgency. My next MRI will be sometime in December. I continue to vitamin C infusions of 100,00mg twice a week, cold laser therapy to address the cytomegalo virus, visits with Dr. Oswari at the Chung Institute for Integrative Medicine, and visits to my clinical nutritionist. Next month we will see Dr. Rosenwieg at the Jefferson Integrative Health Center to explore the use of mistletoe treatment. Mistletoe treatment has successfully been used in Europe and as been used by another patient who is my same age and same tumor and is now clear of the tumor. We figure that one more piece of ammunition can’t hurt and hopefully, will only help. It is an ongoing adventure. In the temptation area, my tiredness and reaction to healthy issues challenges me to be grumpy with Dottie. I’ll try to deal with this on my Pastor Blog.

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