Friday, October 30, 2009

Tough Days

The endocrinologist we saw this week has recommended that I taper to a lower dose of decadron steroid. We have started that process and due to the change is probably contributing to my body reacting with extreme tiredness and headaches. I spent all day in bed yesterday (Thursday) and have a low level head ache. I feel extremely weak. Today for a dr. appointment we used a wheel chair to get from the car to the dr. office. This is a new adjustment for me to the idea of "disability". We hope as I adjust to this new level of decadron (3mg), that the symptoms will gradually subside. In the meantime, these days are a challenge. I don't have much energy for anything.

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Nancy Tyler said...

I'm praying for you as you're dealing with these physical challenges and want to encourage you not to define yourself by what you can’t do right now. You are so much more than weak knees and wheelchair rides. God has gifted you--your scholarship, your teaching and writing, your prayer life, and your example as you share your experience through this time so honestly.

Some of the Apostle Paul's most magnificent ministry came during his time in chains. And this period of physical weakness—your chains—is not wasted time in God's economy.

With you,